Dating cheerleaders

“Whenever we go on USO Tours or make charitable appearances, basically anytime we interact with Cowboys fans, they’re always shocked to find out that veterans must re-audition,” says Jennifer, a veteran group leader.“You have to prove that you’re good enough to make it back. As a rookie, judges can only evaluate you on the 90 seconds you’re on the dance floor.The idea of John Tucker wearing a thong was not in the original script. Betty Thomas thought making him wear a thong was funnier.While shooting, the extras were actually taking pictures of him with their phones. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are known throughout the world as America’s Sweethearts.But how much do you know about the DCC’s audition process?

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They’re comparing what you’re doing to what you’ve done in the past and throughout your entire DCC career. Knowing what you have to lose is a huge factor.” The good news for Jennifer and other veterans is that the veterans automatically skip the first two rounds of auditions; they go straight into the Final Round (Round 3).Here are 5 Surprises: Just because they were on the squad last year, veteran DCC members must audition again this year.They never automatically keep their spot on the squad.Officials are investigating anonymous accusations against cheerleaders at Coastal Carolina University after a letter was sent to the school alleging acts of prostitution, buying alcohol for underage teammates, and paying other people to do their homework.The cheerleading team has been suspended pending the outcome of the probe and the Conway, S.C., university has since stopped all its activities and removed the squads' photos from its official website.


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