Are chris evans and hayley atwell dating

Still love this boy." Atwell has recently been filming Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, Georgia alongside Robert Downey, Jr.

At the bar at Somerset House, the waiter has absolutely no idea who he’s dealing with.‘That’s when I was taking myself a lot more seriously.I’ve lightened up since then.’ She scores as highly on talent and wit as she does on intellect, but she downplays all her attributes with charming self-deprecation.He serves the bill both prematurely and unceremoniously to Hayley Atwell just as she is declaring: ‘I’ve kicked six stuntmen in the bollocks, hit someone over the back with a lead pipe and launched an iron chair at an assistant director.’ His eyes widen before she adds: ‘All completely by accident.When it comes to stunts I have a lot of confidence and little skill.’ Still, since Atwell took on the role of Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger five years ago, she has learned to throw a mean left hook — one of the myriad reasons why Carter’s character, as brilliantly inhabited by Atwell, was given her own TV series, the first ever Marvel spin-off to be fronted by a woman.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dan Stevens Also in attendance were Tom Hiddleston, Anya Taylor-Joy, Ella Purnell, Hayley Atwell, Patrick Stewart, and Douglas Booth.


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