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If you insist leaving a public message for the mods or other members, it will be deleted. I am new to the group and wanted to let everyone know about a Somali chat line that exist. These conference lines will go out of business soon.

This council home has been owned by the council for many years and is currently let to an Islington family who were in great housing need.’ Islington council is converting this £1.8m property into one house after it had been split into two flats.

An Indian couple on benefits will move in and pay less than £1,000 in rent.

You also enjoy great value with video calls, faxes, chat facilities, and storage of limitless phone contacts.

What's more, MTN Fixed Line utilizes VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) so there's no need to pay roaming fees when you travel, instead you make calls using local rates.


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