Back dating vista back to xp

Restoring the computer is simple and completely reversible.

We're acutely aware of the fact that many of you are reluctant to make the move to Windows Vista. Why leave the comfort of your tried-but-true Windows XP?

It all started when I installed Vista Customization Pack.

If you are using Windows 7 or later, you might be wondering where are the good ol' "Show Desktop" shortcut and "Quick Launch" toolbar in Taskbar? Now you have the good ol' "Quick Launch" toolbar and "Show Desktop" shortcut back in Windows 7 Taskbar.

Actually "Show Desktop" shortcut has been moved to extreme end of Windows 7 Taskbar in form of a small rectangle and Microsoft has disabled "Quick Launch" toolbar intentionally because the same functionality is provided using the new PIN feature in Windows 7.

But you can enable "Quick Launch" toolbar back in Windows 7 and it'll also contain the good old "Show Desktop" shortcut using following simple steps: 1.

For Windows XP: If your computer no longer has the free space, System Restore – even if it’s turned on – will stop creating restore points.

The first method will allow you to repair corrupt system files, even if the problem is so severe that you can't boot all the way to your desktop.

For this method, you'll need a Windows installation DVD, so track down yours or borrow one from a friend—it doesn't matter if the DVD's version matches your license, as long as it's the correct bit count.

These fixes can be applied for the following Windows versions: XP, Vista, 7, 8,10.

These instructions are useful if you can’t boot into Windows normally in order to fix System Restore and have the points shown correctly.


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