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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A collection of Age play one shots. Include: Name of boy/boys you want to do age play Their age/ages in headspace What you actually want to happen in the story. Once he'd finished his Daddy burped him and picked him up which made Luke's tummy twist. It's okay calm down." Ashton mumbled rushing to rub his back. " Ashton asked feeling all of their foreheads for fevers. Ashton turned the taps off and left the three babies paddling and splashing in the bath while he grabbed them and himself some spare clothes.It can be anything I'm up to writing anything. Prompt: can you like have Ashton have to have to take the tablets and has three babies calum Luke and Michael and then they are all allergic to milk and then he has to breast feed the babies and he makes the babies all happy and then he changes the nappies and puts them up to bed in the cribs Calum: Headspace 2y/o Luke: Headspace 2y/o Michael: Headspace 2y/o Ashton: Daddy ------------------------------------------------- Ashton sighed as Luke cried, rushed off his feet. Don't wake your brothers up." Ashton cooed picking up and rocking him slightly. " Luke shook his head no but his stomach growled betraying his actions. A sharp pain shot through Luke's abdomen and Luke whined as his Daddy set him back in the high chair. Calum turned his head away from the teat Ashton pressed to his lips. Ashton rocked him softly as he sucked on the teat until he heard retching and splashes hitting the floor. You're okay." Ashton mumbled kissing Michael's hair and saw Luke and Cal both covered in sick crying. He looked in his top draw to find the lactation pills he bought a while back just in case something like this happened. Ashton got them out one by one rubbing them dry and changing them into new clothes and nappies and carried them all downstairs. " Ash asked and swapped Calum and Michael in place. Once Ashton had made the bottles he picked up Luke first and cradled him as he fed him his bottle. Calum and Michael started crying so Ashton rushed upstairs grabbing them both and putting them in their highchairs too.Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Game of War – Fire Age!PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting, interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME!- Team up & join Forces with friends or smack-talk & burn your enemies!

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"It's when someone goes into a headspace of a younger age and someone takes care of them. Features: - Play & chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.- Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-op with Alliance members & become the all-powerful King! You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.- Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles & watch the fighting in real-time on the stunning World Map. Use your power to give special Titles to your Friends & Enemies in the Kingdom!


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