Dropbox mac not auto updating

Dropbox will turn off automatic camera uploads in the company's mobile applications for free users of the service starting July 22, 2016.The change is one of many the company announced on the official blog today. It's just a folder—a magical folder that syncs everything you put in it up to the cloud.Before Dropbox, file sharing and sync was geeky and confusing, so it's no wonder that it quickly became the folder over the past few years, and haven't dug into or its mobile apps, you might be in for a surprise.

Right now, I have to manually go to Project - I recently began experiencing this issue and it turned out to be Drop Box related.

Once I removed Drop Box and restarted my machine the folder refreshing began working as before.

Also, Drop Box was affecting several other apps, specifically Source Tree and Transmit as well as Sublime Text 3. You could always bind the folder refresh to a hotkey.

The reason for the change according to Dropbox is that free Dropbox accounts can run out of space quickly if the feature is enabled.

When you automatically upload all your photos to Dropbox, your Basic account can quickly run out of space.


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