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Baltimore transportation officials on Thursday announced plans to revive the city's defunct red light and speed camera system.Officials said they will issue a request for bids Friday for 10 red light cameras, 10 fixed speed cameras and 10 portable systems.He said the school system then conducted two separate interventions with him in 20.Hollywood, MD- Just in time for back to school shopping, the state of Maryland is gearing up for it’s annual Tax-Free Week. While everyday clothing and shoes qualify for the tax break, items like sports equipment are not tax-exempt.

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I express my deepest gratitude to the community for its patience and unwavering commitment to our students throughout this process.

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Johnson said the city will require the winning bidder to provide the equipment and to ensure at least 95 percent accuracy in the tickets issued.

The City Council released a sharply critical assessment Monday of Baltimore's once-lucrative speed camera system, faulting the program's enormous size and lack of oversight. That message was sent loudly and clearly throughout our investigation," said...


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