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Together, the prayer and sermon might take 30 minutes.

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Employers are encouraged to seek voluntary substitutes when an employee needs time off for religious allocating aspects of the job to another person), or relaxing certain policies (e.g. Although reasonable accommodation is most frequently applied in situations involving people with disabilities, it is also relevant to people of different religious beliefs or people who are caring for family members.While some people require different treatment in order to have the same opportunities as others, their rights have to be balanced against the rights of employers or providers of goods and services.As the duty was generally summarized by the court, Muslims must pray five times daily, with each prayer typically taking five to ten minutes.On Fridays, Muslims: or at least male Muslims: are expected to perform a midday prayer communally, which is accompanied by a sermon.Therefore, in Northern latitudes (where the length of the day varies significantly with the seasons), the timing of prayers varies throughout the year: a schedule complicated by Daylight Saving Time.


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